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Throughout our planning stage I often wondered what the most important element was to me (apart from the groom of course – but that goes without saying) and I came to the conclusion that it had to be Photography.

Living in Australia meant that many of our family and friends are unable to make our special day, here in the UK. Having relly’s overseas has made a quality photographer a priority. Also as Media is a huge aspect of my life, I have a keen eye for photography.

However, with quality comes a BIG price tag. The question is… this a priority? For us, it was. I researched endlessly to find the perfect photographer. We were looking for someone that would appreciate and utilise the venue, be creative and relaxed. But most importantly someone who could capture the moments that we couldn’t.

I have found that the most difficult aspect of photography planning is deciding who and what you want to snap. I was under the impression this was one thing didn’t have to plan….how wrong was I.

I was advised by a friend to ensure I have a detailed list of photo opportunities, to avoid disappointment. However I am extremely cautious of that unavoidable hour that descends upon the guest as they stumble into oblivion awaiting the photos to end! I suddenly realised I was clueless and decided now was the time to seek professional help.

*Enter Knight In Shining Armour*

After researching and being blinded by ‘package quotes’ I turned to some local friends and brides. A friend of mine recommended Steven Bradshaw, so I hopped online to take a peak at his portfolio. BINGO! I fell madly in love with his style and affordable pricing.

I instantly arranged a meeting and the rest as they say.… history.

Steven helped us to collate our ideas, by giving us examples of his work and venues he had photographed. I was instantly reassured that our special day and unforgettable moments would be capture.

I would highly recommend Steven and for more info you can visit his website at :

Happy Planning!


Ebony x

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